General terms and conditions

Legal Notice

The King-Avis platform is part of the "Webbax Sàrl - Ruelle des Cartes 16 - 1926 Fully (VS) - Switzerland" company. This website is part of the "Webbax Sàrl" company sales network. You can access the official contact information for "Webbax Sàrl" via the corporate registry.

Management of Reviews

King-Avis offers an automated management system for reviews. The rating is provided directly by the web user and only merchants with a premium subscription can negotiate a request for the revaluation of a rating. King-Avis will not be able to make review modifications for a merchant given that we must maintain our complete neutrality. The merchant can itself enter into the necessary negotiations with the client in order for the rating to be as fair as possible. Questionable or fraudulent reviews can be filtered or adjusted by King-Avis in order to guarantee ratings that reflect reality.

Merchant Certification

King-Avis has implemented a market certification control system, which will be effective starting May 1, 2019. To obtain King-Avis certification, each e-merchant must provide proof of business activity and identity. This procedure is necessary in order to limit the risk of creating fraudulent accounts.

Legitimate fields of activity

King-Avis does not support e-commerce sites that are situated in high-risk areas of activity or that present a danger for SPAM. Such accounts cannot be certified and will be deleted.

Authenticity of customer reviews

King-Avis makes every technical and administrative effort to present authentic reviews to Internet users. King-Avis cannot be held liable for any negative or positive influence on Internet users (such as the decision whether or not to purchase a product or service).


King-Avis shall not be held liable in the event of non-delivery of a product, invalid exchanges, non-refund or unavailable after-sales service. The buyer must refer to the general terms and conditions of sale of the e-commerce store from which he/she has placed an order.


The information about your business, as well as that relating to your clients, which is stored on the King-Avis platform, is strictly confidential. We take all the necessary measures to ensure the confidentiality of your data. It will not be transferred under any circumstances to third parties; your information is completely private and is an integral part of your property.


Currently, King-Avis offers an annual subscription price without commitment. The merchant pays a 12-month subscription, thereafter, it is invited to renew its subscription only if it is satisfied (no automatic debiting will be done). Credits that are not used after 12 months are forfeited. A merchant that does not renew its subscription automatically switches to the free offer with the imposed limitations.


King-Avis offers free assistance to all its clients by email or by telephone. Clients with a premium subscription have priority in the processing of their requests (within 1-2 business days). Requests emanating from free merchant accounts may take more time to process.


The reimbursement of subscriptions is not currently offered by King-Avis. The client can first test the unlimited free service to ensure that our platform meets its requirements. If the client is convinced and makes a payment, its subscription will be valid for one year without possibility of reimbursement.

Applicable Law

The present contract is subject to Swiss law (Sion/Valais jurisdiction).