E-merchant information

Any e-merchant registered on King-Avis that would like to stop using the service can send a request for account deletion to [email protected]. King-Avis will then completely delete the data collected and initiate the process of de-indexing its profile page in Google.

Consumer information

The opinions posted on King-Avis are anonymized to protect everyone's privacy. The buyer's first name is displayed publicly while their surname is abbreviated as much as possible (displaying only the 1st letter). If needed, a buyer can request that King-Avis remove their name by contacting [email protected]. The rating, however, cannot be changed.

Data sharing

The data concerning e-merchant orders are strictly confidential and form part of each e-merchant's integral property. This information is never shared with third parties or used for advertising purposes.

Data security

King-Avis does its utmost to ensure secure processes for data storage & collection. The Infomaniak company, which hosts the King-Avis platform, is also in compliance with GDPR requirements.